The HoundsFree system helps you communicate at "Dog Speed" (and thats fast). 

 Ozzy's Story is my story and the HoundsFree System's story as well.

Fate brought Ozzy, leaving me with a ticking bomb of a dog and absolutely no idea of just how much distress would be coming my way as a result.

So his story begins with the challenges and there were many and goes on to describe the many and various ways that I tried to address the many & various problems that Ozzy presented. Then it moves on to how I tried to change his mindset by changing his situation and finally the story leads to how the HoundsFree System was invented in little incremental steps and helped in the final stages of his rehabilitation.

The final stage of that story is being written now by people taking up our amazing introductory offer and feeding back their insights to help us to refine the design quickly and effectively. 

Ozzy's Story will soon be available. If you are interested in a copy, send us your details and we will send you a preview and let you know when it is available.