The HoundsFree system reduces stress and strain on your back. 

We are so sure that you will see and feel the benefits of using the HoundsFree dog walking system that we offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you want to return the system within 30 days we will refund the purchase price.

So try it with confidence but better than that, right now, the HoundsFree system is still in final stages of development. We have applied for a Patent for various aspects of the system that are innovative but as the product subtly changes as we realise refinements, they are all made by hand in our workshops. So each is unique and for the time being they are handmade in the UK. 

Once the design is fully evolved we will be getting it mass produced and when that happens, we will be charging £30 for a complete system. But for now, if you agree to tell us what you find, the good and the bad, you can have one of the handmade development prototypes for the same price, just £30 plus £2.95 postage and packing in the UK (or plus £5.95 for international orders).

A handmade prototype for the price of a mass produced system and all we ask is that you give it to us straight. Fair enough? And don't forget, if you sign up for the series of emails highlighting the features of the HoundsFree System and the benefits that you might realise by using it in the free trial period, you will also get the first three chapters of Ozzy's Story as well.

HoundsFree Dog Walking System

£ 32.95 

The HoundsFree system includes a belt, 5 carabiners, our patented shock absorber and two leads (and postage for UK sales)