HoundsFree system helps dog walkers in ways you won't appreciate, until you try it.

The Ozzy

 This image was Ozzy on day one. 

I suppose that I should really have recognized his "attitude"

About Us

The HoundsFree system evolved out of adversity. Specifically a dog and a very difficult dog at that. 

I can't explain in a few words just how testing Ozzy was, but dealing with his problems required tenacity and innovation to help him overcome his early brutal conditioning. The first three chapters of Ozzy's story explain how I was introduced to him and how events, (some hilarious, some less so), gradually revealed what had happened to him.

Ozzy's Story is therefore the story of a dog and his triumph over adversity, a dog owners story of overcoming a real challenge and ultimately the story of the gradual conception and evolution of a product.  

To Learn More...

We have prepared a few emails that explain some of the benefits that dog owners might get from by using the HoundsFree dog walking system. The system itself is simple but there are features and benefits that can be quite surprising and equally significant to a dog owners health. 

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Don't forget, our money back guarantee means that you can try it without risk for 30 days.


"Following a car accident, I had a chronically bad back. I didn't realise just what an adverse effect walking my dogs had on the condition of my back until I tried the HoundsFree system. Within 2 weeks my symptoms had dramatically improved  ." --  D in Cheshire

"It is so simple, so robust and best of all, it gives me my arms back." -- A in Liverpool

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